03 July 2009


Everyone reacts and copes with situations differently and thus we experience stress to different levels of intensity. Your body sends out various physical, mental, behavioural and emotional warning signs of stress.

Physical Signs of Stress :

* Headaches, migraine, stomach aches
* Muscle tension
* Stomach Ulcers
* Fast heartbeats
* Sleep Disruption
* Loss of appetite or overeating
* Sweaty palms
* Trembling
* Chronic fatigue

Emotional Signs of Stress :

* Anxiety and being bad-tempered
* Excessive worrying, moody
* Sadness, fear
* Feeling inadequate

Mental Signs of Stress :

* Poor concentration
* Forgetfulness
* Lack of confidence

Behavioural Signs of Stress :

* Acting in a defensive, aggressive or impulsive manner
* Nervous habits (e.g. stammering or biting nails )
* Loss of interest in activities
* Avoidance of tasks
* Easily distracted
* Withdrawing from social activities
* Drinking or smoking excessively

Hopefully useful
Source:Health Promotion Board- Singapore

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